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Want video landing pages in a snap? Real Estate Shows might be for you

With a whole new user experience and modernized landing pages, Real Estate Shows is a marketing add-on that can be a sleek, simple addition to any real estate marketing quiver
Real Estate Shows
If a picture is worth a thousand words, our videos are worth a million

With a whole new user experience and modernized landing pages, Real Estate Shows is a marketing add-on that can be a sleek, simple addition to any real estate marketing quiver.

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Real Estate Shows is an automated video content and listing marketing solution.

Platforms: Browser, mobile-responsive
Ideal For: Brokers, teams and agents

Top selling points:

  • All content pulled from MLS account
  • Import of prerecorded video
  • Landing page design
  • Simple account management

Top concerns:

Lead crossover. Users will have to export leads collected from this software into their CRM. If done on a regular schedule, it’s not that challenging of a task.

What you should know

Creating video content for listings continues to get easier. From apps like Vuse and ReplayListings to Matterport’s new handheld 3D tour creator, video listing content is going from “nice to include” to “must have.”

And now, Real Estate Shows is part of the cast after totally revamping its user experience to include automatic video slideshow creation, lead capture and a super-sharp modern video landing page.

Starting with only an address, MLS-connected accounts will auto-fill the new video field, confirm some data and spend the next couple of minutes — if that — linking together images, text and transitions into a publishable bit of animated marketing.

Agents can upload their own video content, too, such as recorded open houses or if they prefer, use their own recorded tour.

There’s great value in the landing pages this software creates. They simply look better than most I’ve seen. The basics are clear as day, and the video is front and center. Its ability to translate the details of an MLS feed into a visually appealing breakdown of property details is really worth the price of admission.

The URLs to each landing page can be customized if needed, or agents can use a domain they already own. It includes a gallery, lead capture form, map, mortgage calculator and is mobile-responsive.

Conceptually, auto-generated landing pages aren’t at all new. But they are proven effective and require good content design to nail down buyer interest. Real Estate Shows has all of that.

Music can be selected and edited in the video, images can easily be selected and arranged, and the length can range from 30 second to 90.

You know what I also like about Real Estate Shows? It’s serving a specific purpose in the marketing life cycle of a property. It builds creative content, and allows it to be shared to wherever it needs to be. It’s an easy bolt-on to your marketing stack.

Inside the dashboard, each listing video project is presented alongside the number of leads it’s collected and the video creation tools. It’s all front and center, and should require little time to get in, produce content, and get back to selling.

The company is adding features quickly, and recently, it doubled its server capacity to make renderings even faster. Agent landing pages are on the road map (in development at the time of demo) that will showcase your portfolio, a bio and brokerage info in much the same way it does a listing.

Look, there’s nothing overly complex here — in a good way. Real Estate Shows is a very modern way to help you convince your seller that you know how to market their home.

In a market full of buyers who want as much information about a listing as possible before actually seeing it, agents need fast, purpose-built marketing solutions like this.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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