Amie's Stories

It's a new year, but women agents still face decades-old challenges. Make these strategic moves to elevate your career and support women in the housing industry
Jan 14
While the old-school version of this lead-gen method may indeed be over, there's a contemporary version that's alive and well, and getting results
Dec 29
While the real estate market always presents challenges and variables, the way you respond is up to you and you alone. With 2023 on the horizon, what better time to start implementing new strategies than now?
Dec 6
Find out why the art of persuasion has a critical place in real estate sales and what agents can learn from bestselling author Daniel Pink's MasterClass on sales and persuasion
Apr 3
On any given day, consumers receive a barrage of marketing messages. So, how can you make sure that you stand out while staying authentic, helpful and empathetic to today's problems? One Lake Tahoe agent shares her success story
May 15
A group of agents took their support group to Zoom during coronavirus to provide an opportunity to connect with one another in an uncertain time
May 13
A luxury real estate agent shares how her company's emergency relief Facebook page helped people connect and band together in a time of need
May 9