Anthony's Stories

Heading off frustrating experiences with demanding clients often comes down to the expectations you set from the get-go. Learning how to deal with them requires both broker and agent perspectives
Mar 25
Because of their superior understanding and experience with market trends, this is one retirement investment which offers agents the opportunity to benefit from their own expertise, with minimal risk
Mar 8
A seasoned agent believes her office’s involvement with a well-known charity has no impact on a customer’s decision to hire her or not. Can her broker show her the value of this relationship?
Jan 19
In an inventory-deprived market, agents are often tempted to use aggressive tactics to score listings. One broker thinks such strategies should be avoided. But what do you think?
Dec 22
A veteran agent wants to invest in leads purchased from national services, but her broker views them as active competitors. Is there a happy medium in this situation?
Nov 22
Should veteran agents be tasked with showing newbies 'the ropes' of the job? Or should brokerages provide more intensive training?
Oct 19
Brokers have 2 solid options to consider when agents give notice of their intention to leave
Sep 22
An agent is wondering if joining a condo or homeowners association board will help her in her real estate career. What advice should her broker give her?
Aug 17