Anthony's Stories

If tangible results come from groundbreaking ideas, the broker should fully support the ambitions of the agent
Feb 12
Companies should evolve with the times, but the logo should remain consistent as a touchpoint for consumers
Jan 29
Real estate is an industry that allows for career flexibility, especially with recent changes in society and technology
Dec 22
Time is extremely precious for an office’s experienced agents, but there's always more to learn
Nov 20

An experienced Miami real estate agent needs her broker’s support after a hurricane creates chaos for her customers.

Oct 2

A veteran Miami real estate agent feels strongly about participating in her customers’ home inspections. Her broker wants her to focus on more productive uses of her time. Do real estate agents make the best use of their time through personal customer service or income-generating work?

Aug 29

A veteran Miami real estate agent is struggling with her recent listing presentations. What can her broker do to support her?

Jul 11

A successful agent has been the go-to Realtor in a particular neighborhood for many years. The neighborhood is becoming popular now, and colleagues from the agent’s own office are starting to get listings there. Does the agent have a right to his own “turf” since he has been there for so long?

Jun 7