Anthony's Stories

A veteran Miami real estate agent feels strongly about participating in her customers’ home inspections. Her broker wants her to focus on more productive uses of her time. Do real estate agents make the best use of their time through personal customer service or income-generating work?

Aug 29

A veteran Miami real estate agent is struggling with her recent listing presentations. What can her broker do to support her?

Jul 11

A successful agent has been the go-to Realtor in a particular neighborhood for many years. The neighborhood is becoming popular now, and colleagues from the agent’s own office are starting to get listings there. Does the agent have a right to his own “turf” since he has been there for so long?

Jun 7

A Miami real estate agent has a very unhappy customer just a few months after helping them purchase a new home.

May 6

A successful agent has a solid track record selling mid-market homes but feels ready to tackle luxury-level properties.

Mar 27

This month’s situation: An agent vs. agent dispute has escalated to a formal legal process. Both brokers are fully supportive. Can both brokers be right?

Mar 1

This month’s situation: A successful longtime partnership is coming apart, and the broker is caught in the middle.

Jan 30

This month’s situation: An experienced agent (who joined a new office this year) is used to the traditional annual review process and has concerns about a new approach.

Dec 20