Billy's Stories

Billy Ekofo shares why the conference has become 'hallowed ground' for him on his path of rediscovery
Jul 16

I want to give you another perspective — the side of Inman Connect that most people do not not know, and perhaps a side of our industry that always goes unnoticed.

May 30

I spent the last two weeks of January traveling to two conferences, both with their own sets of merits. One advocated for a systematic approach to selling real estate — consistent scripted calls and presentations and laser focus on growth and scale. The other, Inman Connect, looked into the near future and speculated on the next thing in real estate.

Feb 5

Agent turnover happens all the time in real estate. Sometimes it’s for personal reasons. Other times, it has to do with money and the opportunity to make more of it with either at a competing broker or somewhere else entirely.

Dec 9

Yesterday Inman published “3 reasons to embrace social responsibility.” It’s about the need for real estate brokerages to embrace social responsibility. I argued that social responsibility is crucial at the brokerage level due to the rise in socially conscious consumers, the need for agents and brokers to connect on a deeper level with their clients and that doing good helps increase business. Here are four real estate brokerages that are embracing social responsibility in a way that is both innovative and impactful.

Oct 28

Socially conscious consumers (SCCs) are reshaping the way businesses perform and engage in the marketplace. As a consumer group, they care about businesses that are working toward societal benefits for all — and not just driven by profit.

Oct 27

This is my humble attempt to provide some perspective for newbies of the future with these four lessons I learned while attending the conference.

Aug 21