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The fixer, the master, the sprinter, the tortoise and the inventor
Aug 15
Just as Google is to search, Facebook is to social and Amazon is to e-commerce, Zillow is to real estate
Aug 6
The news today that Amazon is tiptoeing into the real estate service territory should be of no surprise
Jul 23
10 reasons Brad Inman is stoked about the inaugural event
Jul 11
In the past few days, a scad of natural disaster memories flooded back. Some were deadly, and some came with happy endings. I never lost any property, but, instead, I was a first-hand observer at the moment and more so in the aftermath
Jul 7
With its impressive stock turn around, Zillow is stalking firms that can support its growing instant-offer biz model
Jun 19
The fast-expanding NYC-based brokerage could easily follow the path of other big names such as WeWork, Zillow and Redfin
Jun 12
The industry is racing to compete with instant-offer iBuyer startups, and some, like Zillow, are aggressively pivoting. But those just getting started may already be too far behind ...
Jun 7