Brad's Stories

Agents see a shift, but it's not a buyer's market quite yet
Aug 16
Creating choices will ensure agents success in the future
Aug 13
As brokerages square off against Zillow and Redfin, small startup W+R Studios' Cloud CMA could be the viral hit like this summer's Shiggy dance
Aug 6
An influx of private investment is poised to change real estate drastically, and examples from the past show that few are safe from the effects
Jul 30
Reflecting on blind spots and why more CEOs need to step up and speak out about this transformational moment
Jul 26
A slew of deals are happening, including Compass acquisitions, but Zillow's got a fresh wad of cash burning a hole in its pocket
Jul 12
Competition is fiercer than it's ever been, as young challengers rise to meet longstanding giants who will stop at nothing to defend their turf
Jul 7
The veteran Silicon Valley journalist who’s put Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on the hot seat joins ICSF to talk real estate tech
Jul 3