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Savvy real estate agents know the necessity of harnessing social media platforms to get more eyes on their listings. The next step is generating real leads through social media contacts
Feb 17
The addition of 146 cities, the most in a single year, brought the total number to 481, according to data released Wednesday by Zillow. Another 49 are expected to earn the designation this year
Feb 16
The 22-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham listed his Los Angeles mansion for a dollar short of $11 million
Feb 15
Annual rent price gains soared 7.8% in 2021, notching a record-breaking year amid a supercharged market, according to new data released Tuesday by CoreLogic
Feb 15
The director of 'Buffalo '66' sold the 54th-floor unit for $1.59M, a modest profit after buying the 'heavily discounted' condo for $1.47M in 2019 at the nadir of Trump's popularity in New York
Feb 15
A company spokesperson confirmed that 119 of Homie's 414 employees were laid off on Friday due to a 'changing real estate market'
Feb 14
Controversial comedian Dave Chappelle lobbied hard against a housing project and threatened to pull his business interests out of the town if a zoning change was approved
Feb 11
Developer Pytor Yadgarov was behind the wheel of his BMW when he struck 99-year-old Jack Mikulincer in his wheelchair as he was crossing the road on the way to his synagogue in Brooklyn
Feb 10