Cara's Stories

On the flip side of the joy and excitement that a home sale stirs up, real estate professionals must also guide clients through the wrung hands, stress dreams and emotional lows that wreak havoc when plans or promises fall through.

Jan 10

Real estate has a language all of its own, and there are unique expressions and phrases used quite often, especially when looking at property listings. It can be challenging to decipher what the listing agent really means when describing a property or a seller’s situation.

Dec 7

When consumers are on a mission to buy something and can’t find what they want, they often encounter that frustrating feeling of slim choices in stores or online. Such is the case with housing inventory as the end of the year draws closer.

Oct 11

While it may be tempting for buyers to say what’s on their mind during the house hunt, agents should encourage them to pause for a moment.

Sep 26

The process of getting a property ready to put on the market can seem daunting enough. There’s clearing the clutter, endless amounts of cleaning, organizing and scrutinizing your property with a fine-tooth comb. What needs attention and what can you leave alone?

Jul 18

As with most important things in life, you wouldn’t try to handle a legal situation without an attorney, build your own house or take on the IRS solo to challenge a tax matter. Well, buying or selling a home is no different. Here are 10 reasons you should never buy or sell a home without an agent.

Jun 16

Let me tell you about my fist sale in real estate. I officially became licensed in the state of Florida in November 2002, and I started working as an active agent.

Mar 4

In the agent world, there is an endless stream of content about how agents should build their business and engage with customers. What hasn’t been addressed is the best way a real estate-related service provider trying to gain an agent’s business should proceed.

Dec 29