Carl's Stories
Airbnb appears to increase rents and home prices
By 0.42% and 0.76%. But there's a catch ...
Oct 24
The one app you need to help you sell to Chinese buyers
WeChat is China's most popular app, and U.S. agents should check it out
Oct 20
Climate change will plunge real estate into chaos
More wildfires and more floods are certain. But not all is lost — and individuals can help
Oct 19
Eliot Spitzer better hope the East River doesn't wreck his new buildings
420 Kent Ave. is right on the waterline, which makes for great views ... and higher risks
Oct 2
The coolest corner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is up for sale
Bye bye, stuffed animal museum
Sep 22
Will you upgrade to the iPhone X?
How about the Apple Watch with cell service?
Sep 13
From our new editor-in-chief: The future is the intersection of people, property and tech
You can count on Inman to continue providing the most up-to-date, trusted, high-quality industry coverage
Aug 16