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Third generation real estate developer Adam Whitmire realizes this is not his father’s housing market. “Because of the financing — because of the availability of technology and the information, it allows us to connect to local boots on the ground, evaluate them and their performance, and evaluate markets because of the data,” said Whitmire.

Dec 5

The same forces that created the housing boom — growing demand and scarce supply — now threaten to hobble continued growth in the Denver residential real estate market, according to local experts.

Oct 4

Several years into a real estate recovery that has produced a plethora of bloated local housing markets, investors in 2016 are on the hunt for increasingly elusive cash flow and home flipping profits — even if that hunt leads them into neighborhoods branded as “bad.” The bad neighborhood brand is often grounded in data-based metrics such as depressed home values or below-average school scores, but that doesn’t always mean those neighborhoods are a poor investment choice, according to experts.

Sep 1

An emerging wave of entrepreneurial companies are leveraging real estate data to provide innovative solutions in a broad spectrum of venues — from the land title business grounded in centuries-old property law to the wild west of online dating.

Aug 1

Sacramento housing statistics all point to the telltale signs of a strong seller’s market with a low supply of homes for sale countered by strong demand from local buyers and “Bay Area refugees” flush with cash.

Jun 30

A silent and invisible enemy attacked Porter Ranch, California, as Halloween approached last year. Residents in this high-end master-planned development about 35 miles northwest of the city of Los Angeles complained of nausea, nosebleeds, and a nasty smell — particularly in the part of the community north of Highway 118 nestled among the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountain Range.

Apr 29

Portland real estate investor Justin Grubb finds himself in the middle of a “civil war going on between capitalism and embracing Portland’s weirdness.”

Mar 25

Robert Woods learned about the world of non-performing loans when he answered a phone call in 2011 from an investor who had purchased Woods’ strategically defaulted loan and was foreclosing. “We signed a deed-in-lieu (of foreclosure) and the house was gone. The place had stainless steel appliances, we left it clean,” Woods said of the Florida condo he had purchased in 2006 with buddy while in college using a stated-income loan and $2,000 down.

Feb 24