Daren's Stories
Blue state buyers swing to red state rentals
Maturing single-family rental industry helps mom-and-pop investors buy beyond their backyards
Dec 5
Low supply is threatening the Denver housing high
Population and job growth paired with inventory scarcity lead to the mile high situation
Oct 4
When neighborhoods go bad
Profitable investing opportunities can be found in neighborhoods branded as 'bad'
Sep 1
5 real estate data innovators
These companies are on the forefront of change
Aug 1
Sacramento housing boosted by Bay Area refugees
The city is seeing the signs of a strong seller's market
Jun 30
Nightmare on Main Street
How environmental disasters are affecting home prices
Apr 29
Capitalism and conservation: Keeping Portland weird
There's a real estate civil war going on in Oregon
Mar 25
How mom-and-pop investors are tackling bubble-era loans
Robert Woods learned about the world of non-performing loans when he answered a phone call in 2011 from an investor who had purchased Woods’ strategically defaulted loan and was foreclosing. “We signed a deed-in-lieu (of foreclosure) and the house was gone. The place had stainless steel appliances, we left it clean,” Woods said of the Florida condo he had purchased in 2006 with buddy while in college using a stated-income loan and $2,000 down ...
Feb 24