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If you didn't know it had a strong real estate scene, you're about to find out
Nov 29

Remember back to 2008 when residents in Florida, Arizona and California were complaining about the influx of Canadians buying up properties in their markets as a result of the distressed value of American real estate?

Feb 11

The arrival of the 2015 Pan American and Parapan American Games was, at first, considered by some to be a cost sinkhole that did nothing but further complicate our traffic problems. The official opening of the games changed everything.

Jul 24
What the best in the industry are doing to lead
Mar 17

Real estate agents who want to ride the wave of the future, must now look beyond local and embrace global. This is not to say that local is not important — it is, and it always will be — but now is the time to look globally for opportunities.

Mar 12