Emily's Stories

When life hands you extra days of work, the first thing you probably cut from your routine is exercise. The problem is, when we skip physical activity so we can get more work done, it tends to backfire.

Dec 16

Mark and Scott Kelly are identical twin brothers who have been astronauts in NASA’s space program for decades. Career highlights include commanding the space shuttle, and for Scott, spending 340 days in space — a U.S. record.

Nov 22

I once heard someone say that because coffee is made from beans, it’s like a vegetable — and therefore healthy enough to be consumed six to eight times a day. So why not drink up the caffeine and ignore the jitters and random urges to dance around the parking lot singing “I Can’t Feel My Face”?

Jun 6

It’s a forest. It’s a building. It’s — both? That’s how I reacted when I first saw a picture of Bosco Verticale, or “vertical forest.” These luxury skyscraper apartments aren’t fiction — they’re being built right now and will house over 700 trees and 90 species of plants — enough greenery to cover two acres of land.

Mar 24

Welcome, traveler! Are you seeking the great adventure of a career in real estate? Or, perhaps you’ve been in the mortgage industry for years and are now strategizing on how to stay in it? Maybe you are frightened of the massive changes TRID has spawned and what they mean for your business. Or have the trials on your quest for regulatory compliance made you world weary?

Mar 16

New rules have turned the real estate, banking and title industries on their heads. The mortgage process is now expected to last at least 45 to 60 days due to the Closing Disclosure’s tricky timing.

Dec 29

Lender liability is a hot topic these days, with TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) in effect since Oct. 3. Although the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has said it will be lenient to those who show they are making a good-faith effort to be in compliance, this does not preclude others, such as homebuyers and investors, from questioning the accuracy of a mortgage loan.

Dec 11