James's Stories

Continuing the conversation from yesterday in “Is the traditional brokerage model obsolete? Part 2,” today we will continue to discuss and compare traditional and new brokerage patterns. We will look at both in the realms of recruiting, challengers and competition, and setup and operations.

Sep 11

I want to introduce you to my new model of brokerage, which includes co-working spaces with shared resources, administrative staff, and office equipment and furnishings. It’s a Realty Point brokerage. Realty Point provides the resources that allow a one-person brokerage or small team to operate as efficiently as a fully staffed brokerage.

Sep 10

At this point, your retirement strategy is an after-thought, but with some foresight and planning, you are on your way to financial freedom. Here are three steps to ensuring longevity in your real estate career and your financial future.

Jul 7

You should know any property you show to a potential buyer as well as if you were buying it for yourself. Forget about your commission, and keep your buyer’s interests front and center.

Jun 30

Hello, Agent Realtor — your mission, should you accept it, is to create a superior buying experience for your client that will inspire them to refer business to you forever. Are you willing to accept this mission?

Jun 23

Many brokers don’t prepare enough or take the time with the potential seller to fully pave the way to ensure they get the listing. If you are not ready, your close rate of getting the listing will not be impressive. By qualifying your knowledge and displaying your capabilities, the choice will be much easier for the seller, and they will agree that you’re the right person for the job.

Jun 17

There are many real estate team-building models available to use as your framework. The model I propose is one that focuses on a “core membership” centered on collaboration. Ideally, the core member relationship should be structured upon a sense of ownership.

May 19

In today’s climate, the real estate industry is moving toward more sales teams and fewer individual salespeople. Generally speaking, sales teams show more profitability and better reliability than the solo real estate broker provides.

May 18