John's Stories

To keep transactions moving, the best move is to communicate, communicate, communicate
Aug 18
If you find yourself in a 'no-win' position with a prospect or client and there is little to no hope of getting a deal done, then it is time to fire them
Aug 6
Being human often means being indecisive, especially about big purchases like a house. Here are 6 ways to help clients stay focused
Jul 22
Use these top reminders to keep your relationships on an even keel
Jul 14
The keys to putting clients at ease with the technology are time, clarity and explanation
Jul 1
There’s enough business out there for everyone, we just need to take our expertise and adapt it for today’s consumer
Jun 27
We need to be better at explaining and demonstrating our value as agents to homebuyers if we want to thrive in the future
Jun 25
Creating fire on social media might just cause irreparable damage
Jun 21