Katherine's Stories

Learn how to adapt to your buyers' needs, personality and goals, and they will love you for it
Dec 4

In the New York City market, buyers are savvier and more educated than ever before. This works to our advantage when representing the buyer, but has proven difficult the past few weeks on the listing side of a transaction. So, there’s no time like the present to brush up on keys to a successful sale.

Nov 6

So I sat down with Ryan to find out what, if anything, he has learned from me. After all, I am (a little) older than him, and I entered the industry with a completely different career trajectory. It turns out Ryan has picked up on a few lessons from me along the way, too. Here are three things Ryan said he has learned from me, in his own words.

Sep 29

Ryan Serhant probably booked over $45 million in sales that year, and I had less than $400,000. My client base was small, and my reach was even smaller — or so I thought. Ryan told me a few things during our first meeting that I will never forget and continue to use as my core business principals. Here are my favorites; I hope they help you, too.

Aug 19