Kevin's Stories

The luxury real estate industry is a business like no other, and high-end clients have unique requirements. Luxury real estate agents must learn to interact successfully with their luxury buyers and sellers. As such, here are eight truths about the luxury clientele that will help you build better relationships. 

Jul 6

Every luxury real estate agent wants his or her marketing to bring results and yield a return on investment. Obviously, agents don’t want to waste money on unsuccessful marketing. Effective techniques will lead to the desired outcome.

Feb 22

During 2017, the luxury real estate sector is guaranteed to experience success. There are several reasons for the positive outlook, but one factor is the key.

Jan 24

Luxury real estate agents should start 2017 with enthusiasm — they have reason to be optimistic about their sector.

Jan 13

Just because someone markets a product or service (or, in the case of luxury real estate, a lifestyle) does not mean that they do so effectively. If your luxury real estate peers are failing, doing poorly or even just OK, you want to be one of the few who are succeeding.

Dec 16

Luxury real estate agents around the world try to unravel the mystery of marketing high-end real estate. Truth be told, there is no mystery. Here’s how you do it — plain and simple.

Nov 29

Luxury real estate always has its admirers and those willing to invest in the market. This upscale sector is consistently popular with the UHNWI (ultra high-net-worth individual) category including the globe’s wealthiest people. This group controls a significant amount of the world’s riches.

Nov 22

The Luxury Portfolio 2016 Global Report notes that 2017 should be a seller’s market in luxury real estate. Almost one-quarter of the U.S. affluent will want to buy high-end property, but just 18% are looking to sell their luxury homes.

Nov 15