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Despite the tendency to overthink it, converting leads isn’t rocket science, and you can do it no matter how tech savvy you are, or how many social media accounts you have mastered.

Sep 30

Opendoor is a startup that descended upon Arizona sometime in 2015. Three young men from the San Francisco area have secured an insane amount of money from investors, and they chose the Phoenix market to prove their worth, build their reputation, explode their business — and become mega-millionaires in the process.

Sep 2

The Broke Agent is all over real estate social media. The Broke Agent is run by Eric Simon who has a slew of writers that write comedic real estate content. Lots of The Broke Agent’s stuff is hilarious to me, as an agent. Simon and crew recently posted this blog: “Five Reasons to Work with Millennial Agents.”

Aug 17

Right now, the market under $300,000, maybe under $350,000, is cray. Homes are selling immediately if they are decent and priced right. A seller’s market is, of course, great when you are a seller, but as a buyer — it sucks.

Aug 1