Steve's Stories

It’s easy and all too common to get back into the daily grind and then save the need to organize, share and apply those gems of information you learned at the conference for another time.

Feb 4

After reading a few current articles on Inman Select, it got me thinking about how we, the real estate community, present ourselves to the general public and how our appearance, including the cars we drive, could convey success or not.

May 29

Video marketing and virtual tours have become one of the most significant pieces of the real estate marketing puzzle. A few years back, they were more of a novelty but have moved into the must-have category. Today’s technology has allowed these productions to become both easier to produce and in most cases have become cost effective. If crafted correctly, a well-produced virtual tour may separate the serious inquiries from the “tire kickers.”

Apr 24

I’m a bit surprised to hear that turf wars might still exist, even in this day of statewide real estate data. It’s becoming popular for some agents to stretch their selling boundaries further, but some have been hit with resistance from local area agents.

Apr 3