Tim's Stories

When it comes to mastering negotiations, you can learn a lot from an example of one of mine that went wrong. I represented an investor who was selling a rental property that had been extensively remodeled.

Mar 30

“But, I have to do what my client wants,” When you hear those words, the agent is saying the clients are bullying him or her; the agent isn’t leading the clients. The agent is admitting he or she knows that what’s being done is wrong, and you have to deal with his or her lack of ability to educate clients. You have to honor the clients’ goals, but they don’t know the way through the real estate maze, so agents need to lead not follow.

Nov 20

Have you ever negotiated with someone who keeps gloating over their victories? It makes you want to get even, doesn’t it? If they feel they did so well, it makes you feel that you didn’t do well enough. So, you try to get something from them.

Oct 1

Just because you have multiple offers on your listing does not mean that everything is coming up roses. Here are five tips to avoid being stabbed by the thorns that go along with the roses.

Aug 18

Are you tired of working hard to make an offer on a property only to be outbid by someone else? Unless you come in first, you don’t get paid, and your client does not get a home. Here are five ways to help you win the multiple-offer bidding war.

Aug 14