Good talent is out there. By taking a different approach to agent and staff recruitment, you can find amazing additions to your team or brokerage
by Chris Pollinger Feb 6
Looking toward 2023, many agents, concerned about the shifting market and its impact on their business, are considering a move. For most, the change needs to start within
by Carl Medford Dec 14
Because many agents wait to change offices until the end of the year, now is prime recruiting time. Take advantage of it with these strategies
by Bernice Ross Nov 18
Unique IDs created by Nationwide Multistate Licensing System can reveal competitors' loan originations by product, loan amount, geography and loan officer
by Matt Carter Oct 19
There are plenty of twists and turns when trying to do the right thing for the individual agent, the team and the brokerage. In this month's scenario, a broker weighs the pros and cons of team recruitment from within the ranks of his own brokerage
by Anthony Askowitz Sep 22
Conscious leadership and proven playbooks are key to helping you retain great agents and support staff once you've brought them on board
by Adam Hergenrother Aug 11
Have you planned enough time to onboard your new team members so they stay past day one? Here are a few of the common mistakes brokers make with their new hires
by Joel Lock Aug 4
Building teams, recruiting the right people and retaining quality agents are the bread and butter of the real estate industry. It's up to brokerage leadership to keep talent engaged, happy and producing at their top potential
by Anthony Hitt Jul 26
If you've been considering a career in real estate, here are the ins and outs you need to know before you make the switch
by Larry Alton Jul 15
Learn the ins and outs of recruiting and retention from master of scale and Livian CEO Adam Hergenrother, who has 35 teams in 22 states
by Adam Hergenrother Jul 14
It's a great time to dial in your vetting process, get new hires started off on the right foot and start building your best team yet.
by Rainy Hake Austin Jul 13
Everybody likes to save time and money, but it may cost you more in the long run. Prioritize the right strategies instead of the fast and cheap ones when you're building and scaling your real estate business
In this week’s video column, learn what brokers, owners and team leaders can do to market-proof their brokerage, business and agents
by Amy Corr AND Kevin Van Eck Jun 30
As agents head into one of the most challenging political environments in our history, they need management who has their best interests at heart.  Many in the real estate industry are poorly prepared to hire, employ and handle the customer service needs of the LGBTQ+ community
by Rachael Hite Jun 27
Pride is not just a once of year celebration, it should be recognized year-round. Read on as one agent shares their personal story of hope and the courage to speak up for better
by Nicholas Acosta Jun 24
When you're providing leadership, nothing says more than your actions. Your goal as a leader is to give your team what they need to thrive, succeed and feel supported every step of the way
by Mauricio Umansky Jun 23