Knowing more about how FHA works — and how to work with FHA — helps agents identify opportunities for their first-time buyer clients, who make up one in three buyers today. FHA is not for everyone, but for millions of young families, it is the piece that is solving the homeownership puzzle.

by Steve Cook Feb 16
Experts discuss new ideas for sustainable homeownership in the Golden State
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High rents and tight mortgage credit shutting millennials, blacks and Latinos out of homeownership
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10 predictions from Inman News Publisher Brad Inman
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Real estate portal reports record Q3 revenue, subscriber count and Web traffic
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Legal worries led to mass exodus of condo associations from program
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Commentary: Watch for legislation aimed at scaling FHA back to irrelevance
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Bid to boost capital reserves also includes changes to reverse mortgage offerings
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Tougher underwriting for borrowers with low FICO scores in the works
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Congress debating lower loan limits, plus higher minimum FICO scores and down payments
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Temporary waiver of 90-day 'anti-flipping' rule extended through 2014
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Underwriting standards, minimum down payments remain intact
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Annual insurance premiums going up again in 2013
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Report: Defaults on bubble-era loans draining insurance fund
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Agency rethinking rules on how much financial help sellers can give
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