Red Oak Realty had to create a special contingency for a Bay Area property because the seller is trapped in the Wuhan Province, ground zero of coronavirus
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Less than 10 percent of for sale by owner sellers actually succeed, but what is it, actually, that prevents FSBO sellers from being able to close their property sale?
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Home sale contingencies come in all shapes and size. Here are some strategies for pushing ahead when they threaten to derail or significantly slow down a transaction
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Going above the asking price doesn't always sweeten the deal
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Buyers tying up one property, making offers on others in the hopes of obtaining a better deal
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Too many contingencies can put buyers at a competitive disadvantage
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When contingencies are involved, expect the unexpected
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Available homes go to the swift, ready and aggressive
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Protect yourself from financial disaster
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Stand your ground even if agent advises against them
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Seemingly ideal situation can become legal nightmare
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In today's market, sellers may be wise to compromise with buyers
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Penalty may apply even with contingency in place
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