Remember Arab Spring 8 years ago? The National Association of Realtors’ new leadership’s mission to transform the sprawling trade group is similar
by Brad Inman | May 10
NAR’s committed $15 million in funding from member dues, but the project remains 1.5 years behind schedule
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Data management company expected to repay funds upon hitting profitability
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Candidates include execs and leaders in and out of real estate
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Dissecting the news surrounding real estate's industry giants
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Founder and volunteers will profile female industry leaders
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6 steps to moving the industry forward as a national trade group
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Trade group is currently drawing up job description for Dale Stinton's replacement
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Trade group anticipates choosing successor by the end of 2017
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The hunt is not officially on, but NAR leadership is supposedly scoping out the process
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Trade group cites ongoing litigation as reason for the exclusion
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Trade group says it will work with Council of MLSs to keep Realtors at the center of the transaction
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