The company's stock surged to a new all-time high Monday, after multiple analysts upped their price target ahead of the company's earnings report
by Patrick Kearns Feb 8
Only one-third of more than 20 analysts who put out reports on Airbnb at the beginning of 2021 expect the stock to see gains from its current valuation
Zillow's decision to hire its own agents for Zillow Offers is the latest in its shift to becoming a platform, according to a trio of Deutsche Bank analysts
by Patrick Kearns Sep 24
Deutsche Bank thinks the value of buyer and seller leads generated by Zillow is underappreciated by Wall Street
by Patrick Kearns Sep 3
National Fair Housing Alliance accuses German banking and financial behemoth of neglecting foreclosed properties in minority neighborhoods
Inman research offers insight into startup's financing and potential business strategies
by Teke Wiggin Jan 6
Some agents and brokers who list the GSE's homes could find themselves directly in the line of fire
by Amy Tankersley Dec 6
Sudden loss of listings could weaken Zillow's negotiating position with brokers
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 23