The IDX platform 'no longer aligns' with Zillow Group's wider strategy
by Teke Wiggin Sep 19
The only thing missing is the brokerage license
by Brian Rayl Aug 28
Pending Mortech acquisition will be company's 5th in two years
by Inman Nov 5
Company to staff new Irvine office with up to 100 employees
by Inman Apr 17
Top 5 brokerage company inks ad deals with, Zillow
by Matt Carter Feb 21
Brokers complain about other agents claiming listings
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 7
Popular property portal ups projections for 2011 earnings
by Inman Nov 2 pulls down agent-search tool showing sales, listings activity
by Matt Carter Jul 15
Competition spurs on-the-fly apps
by Glenn Roberts Jr. Aug 10