A marketing calendar can be a lifeline to any broker in order to keep track of goals and release information in an organized, strategic and consistent way. Most importantly, it can greatly improve lead generation and sales when implemented effectively
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 11
First reviewed 5 years ago, this powerful, mobile-first CRM continues to standout as an advanced way to focus on existing relationships as a source of new business
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 22
The industry was surprised when the tech-forward franchise acquired a fan-favorite, but Compass' in-house solution for managing and marketing to contacts is still a worthy industry player
by Craig C. Rowe May 19
Leverage the wealth of data out there to make better business decisions in 2020
by Bernice Ross Jan 8
Harnessing the contacts you already have could mean more business
by Billy Attar Jan 11
Start today, and you'll be set for next year
by Gregory Kiep Dec 23