The short answer: inflation
by Steve Cook | May 26
Yellen whispers 'Bang' but doesn't shoot
by Lou Barnes | Aug 22
Minutes show chaotic disagreement on how to tighten
by Lou Barnes | Jul 11
When the Fed tightens, mortgage rates will climb
by Lou Barnes | Apr 11
Prospects for faster growth are apparent only in Fed models
by Lou Barnes | Nov 22
Commentary: Fed could launch QE3 pre-emptively
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Commentary: 'Now is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end ...'
by Lou Barnes | Mar 16
Commentary: Too soon to call a double dip, but relief from regulatory hysteria is needed to boost lending
by Lou Barnes | Aug 12
Forecast puts 30-year fixed rate in high 6's by 2012
by Inman | Jun 15
Mortgage rates expected to rise
by Inman | Dec 16
Mortgage purchases to conclude by end of March
by Inman | Nov 4
$1.25T mortgage-backed securities program continues
by Inman | Aug 13
Expanding MBS purchases an option
by Inman | Jan 28
Fed slashes overnight rate to 1 percent
by Inman | Oct 29
Financial market fears drive increases
by Inman | Sep 16