The internet fell hard for real estate in 2021. But can the love affair last?
Nearly 3 years after 'Saturday Night Live' declared 'real estate is your sex now' in a popular Zillow parody, mind share around the industry is sagging, according to an Intel analysis of traffic data
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 23
More people than ever ask Google: ‘Will the housing market crash?'
Interest in the housing market has peaked on Google, with searches for whether a crash is imminent shooting up. The spike suggests homeowners are nervous about their market timing
by Daniel Houston Aug 10
Google searches for 'housing bubble' have been spiking since March
Google Trends experienced a spike in searches for the term 'housing bubble' earlier this spring, and it hasn't fully returned to normal levels, hinting that the topic is at least on a lot of minds
by Jim Dalrymple II May 23
On Google, 'real estate agent' is the job most Americans really want
In 2021, the most popular 'how to become' search on Google was for 'real estate agent,' strongly suggesting a tidal wave of new agents may soon be coming to a housing market near you
Searching Google for answers
Google search traffic lends credence to theory
by Teke Wiggin Apr 26
The insider's guide to local SEO for real estate professionals
What you need to know about search engine optimization
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An agent's guide to managing an editorial calendar
3 tips for organizing your content
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Tips to succeed at selling vacation homes online
Vacation homes were over one-fifth of home sales last year
by Justin Kerby Oct 7 teaming up with Google to offer real estate 'Nowcast'
New report will predict market trends in real time
by Inman Oct 30