Founder Dave Liniger and CEO Adam Contos failed to disclose $2.4M loan used to purchase a residence, according to special committee
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Some agents and brokers who list the GSE's homes could find themselves directly in the line of fire
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Prepare before you take the next step
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Save yourself a headache by having a system in place
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It's safety and insurance for the buyer when it comes to loans
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Statewide coalition comes forward with concerns about bank’s alleged high number of foreclosures in predominantly nonwhite communities
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CFPB’s enforcement action is more fallout from its $35M penalty against Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase in January
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Quicken quickly slams complaint as ‘irrational and baseless witchhunt’
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Lender alleges DOJ and HUD are ‘strong-arming’ company into admitting it mishandled FHA loans
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