The program will first go live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and should be live in as many as 8 markets by the end of the year
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It's been 1 year since Zillow announced the launch of Zillow Offers. Inman looks at the platform's impact on real estate
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More than 7,600 iBuyer transactions have taken place in the city where Opendoor, Offerpad and Zillow compete
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Sean Black predicts his company and similar rivals will gain rapid market share because they offer consistency and certainty that's akin to Starbucks coffee
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In 2018, 62% of all listings undersold, according to Knock
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What you need to know about this fast-growing category of real estate tech, where it's available and how to use it to grow your own business
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iBuyers and the big trends changing the field
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BRIX Real Estate's new Simple Offer program promises cash offers for clients in 47 hours, leveraging the capital of the newly arrived San Francisco iBuyer
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Competitors Knock, Felix Homes and Offerpad signal encouragement. Zillow, on the other hand, stays mum
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