, home of ChatGPT, approaches 1B monthly visitors
Web activity grew by 54% in March 2023, easily the greatest increase of all top-ranking websites worldwide, according to Veza Digital
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 5
RESAAS is latest proptech to integrate ChatGPT
RESAAS said it will put software to work on property descriptions helping users at the Premium and Ultimate account levels get over creative hurdles and tackle general marketing tasks
by Craig C. Rowe Feb 8
ListAssist updates push AI copywriter into image-based home search: Tech Review
New Zealand's most recent export to the US proptech market is offering brokerages image-based home search integrations
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Cure creative anxiety: 5 alternatives to ChatGPT to beat writer's block
Agents who write their own listing descriptions no longer need to fear, because a fast-growing technology is here to cure your creative needs
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15 ways to make your property descriptions more inclusive
Describing a space in a way that appeals to all buyers isn’t ‘politically correct,’ it’s the law (and it’s just good business)
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5 tips to boost listing descriptions
Agents need to write listing descriptions for an array of marketing outlets these days. Here are a few tips on making property look better to buyers
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Automated listing descriptions get better with Nila June: Tech Review
Nila June is software that uses property information to quickly write long- and short-form property descriptions for agents
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Inman Review: Hate writing listing descriptions? Agently's AI can help
There are plenty of dismal writing efforts that somehow make it into the marketplace (sorry, it's true). So, if you're willing to admit you're part of the problem, Agently can help you look like a better writer to your sellers
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3 ways to tap into your ‘information advantage’ to win listings
By taking advantage of the wealth of information available to them, agents can better serve their clients and secure more business
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The Real Word: What is the future of urban living?
More this week: what to expect when scooping up low-priced fixers and how listing descriptions are now highlighting Zoom rooms
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Dear Marketing Mastermind: Does my marketing comply with the code of ethics?
How does the code of ethics inform the way that you approach your marketing strategies and platforms?
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Facing a buyer’s market? 5 pivots listing agents must make
Agents need to focus on more precise pricing and marketing strategies as the tide turns
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7 property marketing trends that need to die
It's time to be accountable for our listing advertisements, and let go of subpar practices that make us all look bad
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How to write listing descriptions that pop
Consider this your property description boot camp, with the best tips, tricks and hints to help you craft winning words that sell
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6 listing descriptions you'll want to imitate
Capture the reader’s attention right away, and touch on the top selling points such as views, location, lifestyle and design
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