Audie's Stories

We’ve all seen the hashtags #squad and #squadgoals, but squad mindset is about more than an Instagram pose of smiling people. It’s about creating a group of people who have your back and who you would do anything for. This is true in our personal lives, and it can also be true in business.

Nov 15

The 2016 Realogy FWD Innovation Summit has always been tech-centric, many of the companies at the event this year are rushing to figure out ways to use technologies that help people communicate more seamlessly and efficiently.

Jun 23

Real estate sometimes seems less of a business than a network — with the real estate agent, broker and listing at the center of it all. If a real estate transaction is a symphony, the agent is the conductor making sure that each virtuoso is playing his or her part.

Jun 15

What happens when the top real estate professionals from around the country gather for a day of learning and networking? A lot of fun, a couple of great houses and one incredible event at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Oct 29

I sat with a heavy heart during the six-hour flight to to Hawaii. A dear friend and confidant was about to undergo a surgery he might not wake from. One minute he was fine and in an instant, his life was about to change. My thoughts and prayers for him would periodically trade places with my own personal soul-searching throughout the flight.

Oct 14