Every town has foreclosed properties and lenders who want to get rid of them fast, especially during a recession. There’s an opportunity for agents who have the right temperament and want a high volume to serve local or regional banks. Here’s what you should know before pursuing foreclosures
by Nicole Solari Jun 20
The share of mortgage loans in forbearance modestly rose to 8.55 percent of servicers' portfolio volume during the week ending on June 7, up from 8.53 percent the previous week
by Lillian Dickerson Jun 15
LoanSphere Servicing Digital allows homeowners to view loan information, provides tips for building equity and on-the-spot assistance from mortgage servicers
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New database helps loan servicers avoid losing property to foreclosure
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RealtyTrac: Short sales outnumber REO sales in California, Arizona, Florida
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Treasury's 'SPOC' requirement not entirely logical?
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Resolution could clear way for more bank repos, foreclosure sales
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These predatory practices affect more borrowers than 'robo-signing'
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RE/MAX hosts broadcast to educate agents
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Servicers share blame for some failed loan mods
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Workers in Mumbai, Costa Rica attend to U.S. real estate
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Web portal would centralize communication, break logjam
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Being negative on bills could hurt chances
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