Take the time to do the follow-up -- it pays off
by Jonathan Cooper Feb 1
Competition, standardization make it easier to provide data consumers demand
by Matt Carter Apr 3
Black Knight Financial Services, formerly LPS, files for IPO
by Inman Dec 24
Jeff Mattice to help company license property-level data set for 125 million parcels nationwide
by Inman May 27
2,500-member trade group is latest to say goodbye to Solid Earth's LIST-IT platform
by Inman Mar 19
CoreLogic beefs up staff to handle influx of Matrix customers
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 12
Move comes on heels of decision to provide direct listing feeds to big portals
by Inman Oct 23
Rich Lull: 'Huge' deal means company can 'play with the big boys'
by Paul Hagey Aug 22
Partnerships with LPS, CoreLogic will give 900,000 MLS subscribers access to Clareity Store
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 8
LPS: FHA changes spur increase in February loan cures
by Inman Apr 10
LPS: 1.7 million homes in foreclosure 'pre-sale' inventory
by Inman Mar 26
Lenders can choose from among several providers
by Inman Mar 19
Consultant's blog post fuels debate over use of MLS data
by Inman Mar 7
Process taking longer in some states with new laws protecting homeowners
by Inman Mar 7
Clareity: Vendors juggling multiple platforms suffer in ratings
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 6