Comparing yourself to others, especially toward the beginning of your career, is a waste of time. And your time is a valuable commodity
by Peter Lorimer | Aug 15
Finding a perfect fit isn't one-sided. Everyone needs to be on the same page to build a successful, long-term relationship
by Gina Castrorao | Aug 9
If you’re thinking about becoming an agent, have a clear view of what it’s like, so you can start out on the right foot
by Joseph Santini | Jul 19
The reputation you gain is the most important part of your branding, and it will ultimately be what makes or breaks you in this business
by Jay Thompson | Jun 12
Carefully choose who you surround yourself with because they will teach you, push you and provide unwavering support along the way
by Gina Castrorao | Apr 11
Don’t spend tons of money on marketing or leads — focus on being you, connecting with people and giving unforgettable service they can’t help but tell others about
by Bernice Ross | Mar 25
Keep your pipeline full of people who are close to taking action, and guide them along the way
by Matt Kaestner | Mar 17
A collection of our best tools and tips for getting started in real estate
by Inman | Sep 5
The key to building your brand and capitalizing on marketing efforts is to make it all about the people you serve
by Kevin Hoover | Jun 20
Finding the right home can be quite different than successfully ratifying a contract on the right home, and the gap can be in your approach
by Misty Soldwisch | May 9
Learning your area by touring non-stop is the best way to begin growing your skills
by Cari Lynn Pace | Apr 26
Newbie Brandon Mulrenin shares how he sold 116 homes in his first year
by Pat Hiban | Jan 5
The rule of thirds: a simple method for posting
by Peter Lorimer | Dec 22
Choose what fits your personality and works best for you
by Miguel Berger | Dec 12
Showcase your skills, and capture leads
by Missy Yost | Dec 11