Parts of the US luxury scene still revel in gilded age-like spirit, but the idea of bigger, bolder and flashier homes is not playing well in markets where mega mansions sit idle
by Brad Inman | Sep 18
These markets are far from your traditional year-round homes in the suburbs and it could lead to months of inactivity if you don't know how to navigate the ups and downs.
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New York City, Los Angeles, Aspen and Malibu are among US cities to make rankings released by Knight Frank
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Winston Chesterfield of Wealth-X says philanthropy could be a good entry point to serving elite clientele
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Housing inventory continues to drop in most major metros for the fifth consecutive quarter
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Home prices creep up as home sales slow in Martin, St. Lucie and Palm Beach counties
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RealtyTrac finds East Coast beach towns as lower-cost investment opportunities
by Jennifer Riner | Jul 8
RealtyTrac's data finds national foreclosure rates have fallen for the eighth consecutive month
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CoreLogic releases study showing 6.8 million U.S. homes vulnerable to storm damage
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Manatee Cove Realty to take name of new owner
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Legendary luxury living on Florida's East coast
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Real Estate Agency Owner Klara Madlin says flood of empty nesters in Manhattan attests to borough’s benefits
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Help your clients find the best home for their family
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Each Palm Beach community is faring differently
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