This interactive map compares the costs for a typical homeowner in each county in the nation, beyond the principal and interest on their loan
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The average home in a Democrat-controlled county is worth 75% more than the typical home in a Republican-controlled county, according to an analysis by Attom Data Solutions
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Markets on the East Coast and in Northern Illinois were most vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic during the second quarter, according to Attom Data Solutions
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Based on panel and taxing entity data, researchers found Black and Hispanic homeowners pay up to 13% more in property taxes, according to a joint study by Indiana University and the University of California-Berkeley
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The total property taxes levied on single-family homes last year increased by 1% from 2018, the smallest increase in the past three years
The tools, available on iOS, Android and desktop, provide buyers with a detailed estimate of what it will financially take to own a home
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