How to get off the ground with drones in real estate
What you need to capture breathtaking photos and videos for your listings
DC is a 'No Drone Zone,' says Federal Aviation Administration
Regulations require all drones to be registered with the FAA
by Kimberley Sirk Jan 12
Drones must be registered with Federal Aviation Administration
FAA rule adds to regulation requiring agents whose use drones for property marketing to obtain authorization
by Teke Wiggin Dec 15
YouTube drone video attracts FAA's attention
Notice may reflect expansive interpretation of 'commercial use'
by Teke Wiggin Mar 13
FAA proposes long-awaited drone rules
Regulation would require pilots to obtain certification
by Teke Wiggin Feb 16
FAA clears first real estate agent to use drone for property shoots
Realtor must have private pilot certificate and observer for each flight
by Teke Wiggin Jan 7
Presales of easy-to-fly, $375 drone through the roof
'Ghost Drone' maker EHANG raises $10 million from investors
by Teke Wiggin Dec 30
FAA cautions real estate agents in drone safety campaign
New campaign calls out 'professional real estate photography' as a commercial use of drones
by Teke Wiggin Dec 23
Drone pilots may have to wait until 2017 for FAA rules
'Technological, regulatory and management challenges' to blame for delay
by Teke Wiggin Dec 11
Regulators preparing to drop the hammer on drones
FAA not expected to go easier on small drones used in real estate
by Teke Wiggin Nov 24
FAA notches win in drone war
Ruling says FAA may penalize people for recklessly piloting aircraft
by Teke Wiggin Nov 18
Real estate drone captures topless Australian woman
Real estate firm used photo of scantily clad sunbather in listing billboard
by Teke Wiggin Nov 17
Drone rangers slap Realtors with subpoenas
FAA has requested information from at least one New York brokerage that uses drones to take listing photos
by Teke Wiggin Jul 1
FAA says Realtors who fly drones to shoot listing photos are not hobbyists
Realtors 'subject to all existing FAA regulations, as well as future rule-making action'
by Teke Wiggin Jun 25
Super Realtor Man rescues 'urgent seller'
Spin on viral video relies on drone, GoPro camera and green screen
by Teke Wiggin May 2