Amid quarantines and calls for social distancing, agents are turning to video chats and virtual tours to show off properties
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You don't have to turn into Mark Zuckerberg, but you do need to understand the significance of broad tech developments in to survive
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As the housing market's scales begin to tip in favor of the buyer, how can agents ensure continual success?
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The former president and general counsel of eXp Realty comes aboard as it pivots toward a new model with fewer agents and higher commission splits
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Compensation plan at virtual firm comes 1 year after Real slashed its real estate agent count by approximately 40%
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Mergers, integrations, acquistions, partnerships and more
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The virtually-run Boco Realty has launched in Colorado and plans to soon open offices in 4 other states
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New incentive system is designed to build on Real's momentum
by Teke Wiggin | Aug 15

Real — a virtual brokerage and Inman Innovator nominee — has redone all of its branding, and it looks sharp. Literally, sharp. The new logo and branding play on the first and last letters of the brokerage’s name — the “r” and the “l” — to create the new logo and feel.

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Real offers favorable commission splits and radical independence to agents, but no offices
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Why and how real estate has changed with evolving technology
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