Return-to-office policies aren't the only reason people are moving
In-office requirements were identified as an emerging factor in the real estate market, as fewer and fewer companies are willing to accommodate remote work, according to a report by Redfin
by Ben Verde Sep 14
Airbnb chief calls out CEOs for remote work double standard
'I guarantee you that many of these CEOs who are calling people back to the office in New York City are going away to the Hamptons for the summer or going to Europe in August,' Brian Chesky said
by Ben Verde May 11
Redfin calls employees back to the office part-time: ‘No exceptions’
‘Some people will quit over this decision,’ Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman told employees on Monday in an internal memo. ‘No one can say we haven’t made it deliberately.’
by Taylor Anderson Apr 25
Read Inman's exclusive Roadmap to Real Estate's Future
Brad Inman pens a letter to the real estate industry, published here in full, alongside Inman's Roadmap to Real Estate's Future, which grew out of 3 days of insight at Disconnect 2023
by Daniel Houston Mar 27
There are 1.25 million fewer million-dollar homes in America in 2023
The share of $1M homes in the US dropped from a high of 8.6% in June 2022 to approximately 7% in January, due in part to higher mortgage rates that have cut into homebuyer purchasing power
The Agency 2022 Red Paper: A softening, but still strong market
'The key takeaway is this,' CEO Mauricio Umansky said of this year's report. 'Housing remains a primary investment for the world’s most affluent citizens and a safe hedge against inflation'
by Lillian Dickerson Jan 19
Not just a coastal thing: 7 inland cities most altered by remote work
Some cities have seen work-from-home policies persist well beyond the pandemic's first year. See the places most transformed by remote work, according to the Economic Innovation Group
by Daniel Houston Oct 7
Remote work's impact on real estate will linger — possibly forever
The CEO of IBM, which employs hundreds of thousands of people, recently described remote work as 'the new normal.' And that translates to permanent changes to the housing market
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 30
How the pandemic reinforced the value of agility in the multifamily sector
Change is constant. Business leaders, whether in the multifamily sector or elsewhere, need to understand that and remain agile and adaptable
by Michael Zaransky May 31
Landlords, don't be fooled by high occupancy rates: RentPath
Property managers would do well to avoid the pitfalls of the 'occupancy fallacy,' or the notion that current high occupancy rates will alleviate long-term vacancy issues, RentPath says, because 'renter migration is the sleeping giant'
by Lillian Dickerson Jan 18
People moved to Vermont in droves in 2021. New Jersey? Not so much
The Green Mountain state saw the greatest percentage of inbound migration in 2021, with 74% of the state's moves directed inbound, according to United Van Lines' National Movers Study
Douglas Elliman tells some workers to stay home amid Omicron wave
Agents can still report to the office, but Douglas Elliman has told New York administrative staff to work from home while new variant surges
by Daniel Houston Dec 22
From NFTs to IPOs: The top real estate investment stories of 2021
Proptech's banner year, a couple long-awaited IPOs, surging rent growth and more — here's all the hot Property Portfolio news that hit the presses in 2021
by Lillian Dickerson Dec 14
2021 broke records for days on market, median price and more
A new report from Redfin describes 2021 as 'remarkable' and identifies numerous records that fell over the last 12 months
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 13
WeWork tallies revenue increase in first earnings as a public company
The embattled co-working startup saw revenue increase and its losses improve while All Access memberships rose 60% from the previous quarter
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 15