Courts toss Zestimate suit, but let co-marketing case proceed
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Start small, look at the numbers, get to know people, and create a budget
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The company argues that its independent directors did not personally profit from the alleged wrongdoing
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A revised version of shareholder lawsuit accusing the real estate giant of violating anti-kickback RESPA laws is allowed to proceed
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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is raising fines across the board for violations of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, which prevents kickbacks between brokers and lenders
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The class-action lawsuit alleged Zillow defrauded investors by failing to disclose its co-marketing program was under investigation for RESPA violations
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CFPB concludes investigation into whether the tech giant violated RESPA law when letting agents and lenders combine marketing efforts
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Be familiar with the responsibilities surrounding the laws, and comply with them
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The DC Court of Appeals overturned the agency's $109 million fine of PHH Mortgage Corporation, but says CFPB is constitutional.
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Lawsuit alleges that Zillow 'concealing' home valuations for certain brokers hurts competition. Does it hold water?
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Traffic to mobile apps and websites reaches new high
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Law firms circle the real estate giant, seeking damages for alleged federal securities law violations
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Two legal experts explain what the CFPB's investigation of co-marketing arrangements at a real estate giant could mean
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When agents and brokers team up with settlement service providers, they need to follow the rules or risk trouble
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Lawsuit seeks class-action status on behalf of shareholders
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