Yield curves predicting recessions did so historically and will again at the end of Fed overshoots. The Fed has done no such thing this time
by Lou Barnes | Aug 19
Swiss National Bank's surprise move creates uncertainty about other central banks
by Lou Barnes | Jan 16
When economy is in transition, take it slow unless transparently behind the curve
by Lou Barnes | Mar 21
While some were busy saving the world, others could only worry about inflation
by Lou Barnes | Feb 28
More evidence that this recovery will look like no other since World War II
by Lou Barnes | Jan 10
There's one sure way to make a credit disaster worse: Choke what little remains
by Lou Barnes | Dec 20
The insane principles governing the bond market since 2008 remain in effect
by Lou Barnes | Dec 6
Stable cost of energy is a huge help while buying time
by Lou Barnes | Oct 25
Dudley: 900,000 housing starts are nice, but I'd like to see 1.5 million
by Lou Barnes | Sep 27
Commentary: Every modern Fed tightening cycle has ended in recession
by Lou Barnes | Jul 5
Commentary: Projections that economy is turning around are still just that
by Lou Barnes | Feb 15
Commentary: Fed cash can't enter the economy until it's used to make loans
by Lou Barnes | Dec 21
Fed may take action as soon as next week
by Inman | Aug 23
Fed: Tight underwriting standards limit stimulus effect on housing markets
by Inman | Jul 19
Commentary: Demand for labor has improved, but remains very, very thin
by Lou Barnes | May 4