Center control is a valuable strategy in either scenario
by Emily Hoffman | Dec 11
What the experts are saying
by Octavio Nuiry | Oct 29
The new Closing Disclosure will remove a lot of the buyer's anxiety from the home-buying process
by Candy Miles Crocker | Oct 9
The forms, possible waiting periods and new roles all laid out for you
by Jeff Gould | Jun 30
Integrated mortgage disclosures coming in 2015
by Inman | Oct 9
RESPA, TILA can come into play when doing business on sites like Facebook
by Inman | Jan 23
Goal is 'restoring trust in the mortgage market'
by Andrea V. Brambila | Jul 10
Federal regulators seek industry input on design
by Inman | Nov 9
Bureau: More than 13K comments on draft forms for simplified mortgage disclosure
by Inman | Jun 24
CFPB trying to combine best features of TILA, RESPA loan disclosures into one form
by Inman | May 19
Court lifts stay, will consider appeal by mortgage brokers
by Inman | Apr 6
Industry groups win administrative stay
by Inman | Apr 1
Consumer protection bureau tasked to devise single, standardized form
by Inman | Feb 2
Changes relate to TILA, jumbo and reverse mortgages, more
by Inman | Aug 16
Sweeping legislation could face tough battle in Senate
by Inman | Jul 1