Instead of encrypted email, BuyerDocs uses highly secure, AES-backed document storage to store and send wiring instructions
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When agents and brokers team up with settlement service providers, they need to follow the rules or risk trouble
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WFG's MyHome gives stakeholders a better way to be involved
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Title and lender secrets of working with builders
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Forget about selling -- build relationships instead
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What the experts are saying
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Agents and brokers confident they can handle mortgage closing process changes
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Tool allows agents to securely capture and send electronic check images to title companies
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Sweeping mortgage regulation will disrupt the way lenders and other partners work together, but the transition doesn’t need to be painful, says NexTitle
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State lawmakers and regulators vow to rid title industry of illegal practices, conflicts of interest
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Governor Cuomo's proposed regulation intends to slash rates by cracking down on inducements and closing cost markups
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Industry trade groups support changes to cap on mortgage fees and points as bill heads to an unfriendly Senate
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