The fast-expanding NYC-based brokerage could easily follow the path of other big names such as WeWork, Zillow and Redfin
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California Assembly Bill 5 is poised to change the rules surrounding independent contractors. But now, it includes an exemption for the real estate industry
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With Dealmachine, real estate investors hire people who are already out driving around to look for leads on investment properties
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A number of top tech companies could go public in 2019, what does it mean for San Francisco's already pricey housing market?
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Anow says it handles more than 50,000 appraisals a month. The company has pioneered a digital platform meant to speed the process up and better inform clients
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The entrepreneur and motivational speaker said on a recent podcast that buying a home is a 'bad use of upfront capital' and says he plans to rent in the future
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But apartments will cost from $700,000 to $11 million
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The forthcoming app will allow homebuyers to search for, and connect with agents in their area. Users pay nothing, agents pay $30 a month
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If you're a tech company trying to catch the eyes of Inman's tech-forward, deal-savvy audience, you'll want to take note
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NYC is escalating battle with the short-term rental platform
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Ride-hailing apps and car-sharing companies added 5.7 billion driving miles to city streets in 2017, analysis finds
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Disruptors like Compass and Redfin are invading the real estate industry, but traditional brokerages can fight back
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