In this week’s video, Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates breaks down the value of buying versus renting a property, factoring in market conditions like interest rates, sale prices, personal investment and more.

by Peter Lorimer | Sep 2

In this week’s video, Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates breaks down a home warranty and what exactly one entails.

by Peter Lorimer | Aug 26

An experienced agent knows the impact of referrals and the importance of following through after the sale with an appropriate closing gift. In fact, it’s too important to put on autopilot. The right closing gift will fulfill two purposes: to show your appreciation to clients and celebrate their success — and also to keep your name top-of-mind whenever the topic of real estate arises.

by Shannon Bloemker | Jul 25

The process of getting a property ready to put on the market can seem daunting enough. There’s clearing the clutter, endless amounts of cleaning, organizing and scrutinizing your property with a fine-tooth comb. What needs attention and what can you leave alone?

by Cara Ameer | Jul 18
Proper action can can save hassle, cost less in the long run
by Robert Griswold | Nov 18
Buyers seek recourse after discovering issues with window, fridge
by Barry Stone | Jul 14
Durability, looks, fire protection are unparalleled
by Paul Bianchina | Mar 12
Several clues point to conclusion
Some are vague about what's covered, what's not
by Paul Bianchina | Jan 30
Homeowner learns sad truth about warranties