Sellers are far more likely to agree to a $300 credit, than replace 30 $10 items, so use safety or failure of an expensive system as your guide
by Missy Yost | Oct 7
Some people get sick of paying another person's mortgage
by Peter Lorimer | Sep 2
Nobody wants a call from a client about a busted toilet
by Peter Lorimer | Aug 26
Give the gift that keeps on giving (you referrals)
by Shannon Bloemker | Jul 25
Prioritize the projects that will bring the most value
by Cara Ameer | Jul 18
Proper action can can save hassle, cost less in the long run
by Robert Griswold | Nov 18
Buyers seek recourse after discovering issues with window, fridge
by Barry Stone | Jul 14
Durability, looks, fire protection are unparalleled
by Paul Bianchina | Mar 12
Several clues point to conclusion
Some are vague about what's covered, what's not
by Paul Bianchina | Jan 30
Homeowner learns sad truth about warranties