Competence beats cash: 7 steps for writing winning offers
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write an offer that does not need to be countered or corrected. These 7 elements will increase your buyer's chance of winning out, even over cash offers
by Carl Medford Apr 26
On repeat: 7 videos that will change the way you communicate with clients
If you’re looking to scale your business without sacrificing your communication with clients, start shooting videos that explain the next steps in their process. Not only will these videos help you as an agent, your clients will be better served as well
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The buyer's agent who padlocked the gate: Stories from the wild world of real estate
Have you heard the latest boots-on-the-ground, can-you-believe-it story? Here are some of the most unusual and bizarre tales from this highly active spring market
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The DC agent balancing his time between work and family
This week, Chris Perry, a Realtor at Coldwell Banker in the Washington, DC metro area, hustles to make his active contract goals while preserving time for family
21 tips for first-time homebuyers
What consumers should know before home shopping
A man wearing sunglasses, not giving anything away
Body language, lovey-dovey behavior and taking possession among cues that a buyer is ready to bid
by Teke Wiggin Mar 3