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The agent's essential guide to the commission lawsuits
Author and trainer Bernice Ross provides the rundown on what to know, what’s most likely to change, how it may impact your pocketbook and steps to take to be prepared for what’s ahead
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Confused about condos? Here's everything you need to know
Selling detached or single-family condominiums comes with a host of unusual issues. Trainer Bernice Ross shares what you need to know to provide expert service to your clients
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Insider secrets to survive the shift to today’s skills-based market
Coach Verl Workman joins Bernice Ross to talk all things teams, growth and the demands of the current real estate market
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What's next if NAR loses those bombshell lawsuits?
The most explosive damage to the National Association of Realtors and the overall industry will result if the defendants lose one or both so-called bombshell lawsuits
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Are your real estate clients truly satisfied? Here's how to make sure
The essence of garnering rave reviews and inspiring trust in your clients is taking responsibility, even when things don't go according to plan
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Stop paying 35-40% to the portals for leads
Instead of throwing away money on paid leads month after month, find out how to generate both buyer and listing leads at little or no cost
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Women make up 66% of NAR's membership. Is it serving you?
As the National Association of Realtors doubles down to support bad behavior in its leadership, women see the organization's response as part of a larger problem endemic to the industry
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Ready to start investing? Here are the ins and outs to get you started
If you're just starting out, here's how to choose your investment property and increase its value for maximum return on investment
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Unconventional mortgage loans: Help for 1099 clients and investors
For agents, sharing these programs with those who would not normally qualify for a traditional conventional loan can be a huge lead generator for their business for many years to come
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Are ARMs and 40-year mortgage loans good deals for buyers?
Focusing exclusively on monthly payments can mean borrowers lose sight of the advantages, and drawbacks, of various loan products
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First home? No problem! How to guide first-time homebuyers
In today’s highly competitive real estate market, first-time homebuyers need more information and assistance than ever
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How to answer buyers’ top 10 most-asked mortgage questions
Agents should be prepared to answer their buyer's mortgage questions, including types of mortgages, lender guidelines, preapproval vs. prequalification and the closing process in the area
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How to beat your buyer's biggest obstacle to purchasing a home
Down payment assistance programs can help more people make their dreams of homeownership come true, including up to 1/3 of all borrowers who fail to qualify without DPA
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Condominium ownership is complex. Here's what to know
Detached or site condominium ownership is a complicated issue that requires immediate attention from the real estate industry
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Condos are complicated. This column should clear things up
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7 hot, hidden real estate trends savvy agents need to know
New Western’s recent survey of their users uncovered 7 hidden trends that virtually no one is discussing. Capitalizing on these trends can give you a huge competitive edge in your market
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