Secrets of mega-producer success: Next-leveling your community service
In part two of this two-part series, Bernice Ross interviews mega-producers who focus on giving back to their communities in a big way
by Bernice Ross Jan 5
Help homeowners lower home maintenance costs in 2023 with this 12-month marketing campaign
Would you like to help your clients and sphere cut their homeownership and home maintenance costs substantially in 2023? This 12-month marketing plan is suitable for social media, email, direct mail and even video
by Bernice Ross Dec 14
10 powerful coaching strategies to boost your performance in 2023
Master Certified Coach Byron Van Arsdale guides you through practical, proven strategies that have gotten results for thousands of clients
by Bernice Ross Dec 7
Decide already! 8 steps for beating analysis paralysis with confidence
Not sure how to make a decision or guide your clients to one? This simple formula provides a process that leads to clarity and confidence
by Bernice Ross Nov 29
Recruit better agents with this 15-step plan for vetting top talent
Because many agents wait to change offices until the end of the year, now is prime recruiting time. Take advantage of it with these strategies
by Bernice Ross Nov 18
10 reasons Twitter should be part of your 2023 marketing strategy
It only takes a minute or two to tweet. Have fun, engage with like-minded others, provide great content and watch Twitter help you grow your business in 2023
by Bernice Ross Nov 16
NAR's 2022 data just dropped. 9 lead gen strategies to act on now
The newly released NAR 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers is packed with powerful data to guide your lead generation efforts in 2023
by Bernice Ross Nov 9
9 steps for getting buyers the best deal in a down market
To flourish as the market changes, real estate agents need to be able to provide comprehensive and meaningful service to buyers
by Bernice Ross Nov 3
Your 2023 business depends on nailing this seller conversation
To flourish as the market changes, you must be able to persuade your sellers to price their homes correctly for market realities
by Bernice Ross Nov 2
15 creepy crawly real estate stories that will make you squirm
Are you ready for some creepy, crawly real estate stories for Halloween? Bernice Ross brings you these true-life experiences from Realtors and the listing photographers at HomeJab
by Bernice Ross Oct 27
Create future income: Secrets for maximizing your real estate investments
The emerging buyer’s market, with increasing inventory and falling prices, offers a golden opportunity for you to invest in real estate to create income now and in the future
by Bernice Ross Oct 25
How to bank on real estate to fund your retirement
Because real estate is a hard asset that keeps pace with inflation, it’s one of the most powerful hedges available to protect the growth of your investment
by Bernice Ross Oct 22
fire, exit, goodbye, firing clients, fired
Here are the telltale signs it's time to part ways, must-dos before taking that step, and the dos and don’ts of firing clients
by Dani Vanderboegh Oct 12
1 hot new strategy to get sellers to realistically price their listings
NAR’s Realtors Property Resource (RPR) has added a whole new suite of pricing tools to help you answer the question, 'How's the market?'
by Bernice Ross Oct 5
10 strategies to rescue clients from buyer’s remorse
Keeping buyers positive in the face of challenges starts before the transaction even begins and continues all the way to the closing table
by Bernice Ross Sep 23
The color of money: Unique ways to prosper in today’s tough market
One revenue stream is not enough to keep you afloat during market shifts. Find out how agent Taunee English leverages three different streams to maximize financial security
by Bernice Ross Sep 20
10 strategies to avoid your worst possible clients
Remember your most miserable client? To avoid a repeat of that experience, reverse-engineer it so that you don't attract someone similar
by Bernice Ross Aug 24
They’re gunning for your commissions: 7 reasons not to despair
Despite all of the platforms and tech companies coming for real estate agent commissions, transactions hinge on the expertise of Realtors
by Bernice Ross Aug 10
These new MLS rules could kill future bombshell commission lawsuits
A new policy by Northwest MLS offers a glimpse of changes that could make commissions easier to negotiate and more transparent
by Bernice Ross Jul 22
7 strategies that separate the winners and losers in a shifting market
Getting your mindset right and getting up to speed on the best lead gen tools are essential for meeting the challenges of today's real estate market
by Bernice Ross Jul 6
Why your next CMA will probably flop
As the market shifts, relying on data that is 60 to 120 days old just won't cut it. Learn to create more timely and accurate CMAs with these tools
by Bernice Ross Jun 29
What these eerie parallels to the past 4 real estate market crashes may foreshadow
Looking at the history of the last four market downturns indicates turbulent times may be ahead. The best agents and brokers will start preparing now
by Bernice Ross Jun 23
The cheapest way for clients to tap into new home equity
There are many ways to access your home equity, but they're not all the same. Find out the most cost-effective and innovative strategies for tapping into that newfound wealth
by Bernice Ross Jun 20
The most important mortgage column you may ever read
An “All-In-One-Mortgage” combines bank account, mortgage, and equity line of credit into a single product that lets you pay off your mortgage up to 18 years sooner
by Bernice Ross Jun 8
Red flag! 13 things agents should watch out for when being recruited
Here's what some agents who have recently made strategic moves have to say about keeping one's eye on the prize when it comes to negotiating contracts with a new brokerage
Stop Googling 'bubble': Here's why the news may be more positive than you think
Are we on the verge of another major real estate downturn? Two of America’s most notable real estate economists, Leslie Appleton-Young and John Tuccillo, weigh in with their predictions and the news may be better than most people expect
by Bernice Ross May 24
How to take your team from zero to $130M in only 4 years
At age 28, Juan Carlos Barreneche is one of the most successful agents in the US and founder of the Gold Bar Team. His two primary goals in life are to help people and to be financially free
by Bernice Ross May 18
Can you answer these 10 common questions about your new listing?
Only a small percentage of agents can answer these ten questions about their listings. Are you one of the select few who can? 
by Bernice Ross May 13
What happens if the DOJ kills cooperation and compensation on the MLS?
Given how slowly change takes place in the real estate industry, any change in compensation may be years off. On the other hand, if the DOJ were to force the end of the shared compensation, the industry will have to scramble to shift to an entirely new environment
by Bernice Ross May 11
Why the two 'bombshell lawsuits' will probably be duds
The certification of the class in Sitzer/Burnett v. NAR is only an initial procedural step and there are serious issues with the plaintiff’s complaint. Still, however, the industry needs to proactively address the underlying issues regarding agent compensation
by Bernice Ross May 4
The secret to generating more 'offer-ready' buyers
Do you have buyers who are on the fence about writing an offer? Bernice Ross interviews Andrew Flachner of RealScout on how to get your buyers 'offer-ready'
by Bernice Ross Apr 27
10 unique strategies to create listings where there are none
Generating listings in today's competitive market can be done — as long as you have the marketing savvy and tech tools to help you. Bernice Ross spells out some top options to consider for your business
by Bernice Ross Apr 19
'Time for a price reduction': Having the tough conversation with your sellers
Robust seller's markets don't last forever. Now is the time to start tracking DOM, months of inventory and pricing trends so that you can have the tough conversations required when the market downturn occurs
by Bernice Ross Apr 13
A comprehensive guide to finding inventory in today's market
Here, Inman has created an extensive resource for ways to find inventory — from old-school methods to more creative approaches — when it seems like there's nothing left on the shelves
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 30
Challenges, pitfalls and sage advice: Starting your own brokerage
Despite their prominent role in the industry, many women struggle to step into leadership positions as brokers and brokerage owners. Based on extensive research and anecdotal evidence, here are some of the challenges women face and how to overcome them
by Bernice Ross Mar 23
'A spigot turned on full-blast': Ahead of spring, agents scramble for help
Brokers and team leaders told Inman they've been racing to hire support staff in preparation for real estate's busiest season of the year — but finding good help hasn't been easy, they say
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 18
Move over millionaires! How to become a billion-dollar agent
Two classic books offer a tremendous amount of wisdom from the undisputed best of the best. Take advantage of them to boost your business
by Bernice Ross Mar 16
Inman Top 5: The biggest stories of the week of March 4-10, 2022
Catch up quickly on the most significant stories of the week, as determined by Inman readers. Here's this week's Inman Top 5
by Inman Mar 11
Are you missing 75% of online search? Fix this marketing misstep ASAP
Are you marketing your listings only in English on If so, your marketing messages are missing approximately 75% of all online search that consumes content in languages other than English
by Bernice Ross Mar 9
QUIZ: Is your body language killing your negotiation mojo?
What all generations have in common is the use of non-verbal body language signals. Put these cues to work to become a more effective negotiator
by Bernice Ross Mar 4
Looking for real estate staffers? Good luck
A shortage of workers, the number of people who prefer to work remotely and the anticipated rate of pay are making it difficult to find talent. Here are some tips for how to hire the right person
by Bernice Ross Mar 2
How to beat iBuyers every time
Help clients sell on the open market, avoid giving away huge amounts of their equity to iBuyers and, if eligible, work with a Power Buyer to buy their next home before selling their current one
by Bernice Ross Feb 25
5 hot property trends: What you need to know to prosper in 2022
One of the best ways to succeed in any market is to follow the data. Smart agents crunch the numbers and let the trends inform their marketing strategy
by Bernice Ross Feb 15
Use these 5 iBuyer marketing campaigns to skyrocket your lead generation
Power Buyers can turn buyers who need financing or a contingent sale into cash buyers. They can also turn renters into homeowners
by Bernice Ross Feb 10
Why buyers really aren’t liars
They may think they know what they want, but it takes a savvy agent to help buyers hone in on their deepest desires
by Bernice Ross Feb 3