Realty startup Knock launches -- with seller guarantees

Consumers request a price guarantee, and Knock makes an offer
  • If Knock's guaranteed offer is accepted by the seller, the company takes professional photos, aerial video of the house's exterior, a full-immersion virtual reality video tour and promotes the home on the major portals and the MLS.
  • If the company buys a home and then sells it at a higher price within 30 days, it promises to give sellers 100 percent of the difference, less an undisclosed fee. If it loses money on the sale, the seller keeps "100 percent of what we paid you," Knock says.
  • The three founders are Jamie Glenn, Sean Black and Karan Sakhuja, all of whom have extensive real estate tech experience.

Online real estate veterans Jamie Glenn, Sean Black and Karan Sakhuja have launched a new consumer real estate business dubbed Knock. It takes a page or two from Opendoor, which is innovating in the online real estate space with homeseller guarantees.