Special Report: How real estate agents can live happily ever after in retirement

Finding long-term value in the hard work and sweat of agents' day-to-day
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  • Selling your real estate business is still seen as an inexact science, especially in the changing industry, and many agents are looking for answers.
  • When asked what they will do with their client database, 31.25 percent of respondents did not have a plan.
  • Of those who plan to sell their database or their brokerage, more than 45 percent did not have a partner or buyer in mind.
  • Almost half of respondents in the Special Report survey said they were getting no help from their brokerages on transitioning out of the industry to retire.
  • If you are going to sell your book of business to another agent, you should have five years of accounts, referrals and profit history -- ideally on the ascent.
  • Agent businesses built on internet leads are perceived as far less valuable than those with smaller, loyal databases with a history of referrals and transactions over the years.

Real estate agents want their happily ever after: a post-career life with the stability that a bucket of money or residual income can bring. The road to a secure future isn’t clearly marked in real estate, the paths at agents’ disposal more like winding capillaries — a set of sprawled options realized through careful planning, the earlier the better.