Brad's Stories

Be there for all the action June 2-4 at Inman Connect Now, our first live virtual event
May 14
The private sector and government leaders must be on guard as trillions of public dollars wash through the economic system and a broken economy can become a feasting ground for unsavory opportunists
May 11
Seven years ago, I said that buying a home should be as easy as buying a latte. My theatrics weren't enough to make that vision possible. But a pandemic is doing the trick today
May 4
Find yourself looking outward when you're tired of being inside? Here's what readers enjoy seeing when they're looking for a distraction
Apr 10
With 140+ responses, here are the things you, our readers, hold dear
Apr 3
At this time, many of us are more willing to be vulnerable — letting our guard down is actually helping us get through this
Mar 30
Inman's Facebook Coast to Coast community opened up their doors with intimate pictures of their home offices. Welcome to the new normal!
Mar 17
Inman's Facebook Coast to Coast community offered up memories of the housing crash 10 years ago and thoughts on how to survive another downturn. The response was incredible
Mar 13