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Buying and selling a home is maddening, it's opaque, arcane, tedious, protracted and unnecessarily complicated
Mar 22
An exclusive gathering of real estate’s most influential leaders coming together to explore the industry’s defining issues and build a blueprint for the future
Mar 14
Companies today must be fortified with transformative leaders — not executives who hold onto the past, peddling fear and resisting change
Mar 4
With Rich Barton as new CEO, the company is scrambling to regroup, reinvent and reassert its dominance over plucky upstarts
Feb 26
The Keller Williams CEO believes he can introduce radical new technology while keeping his agents comfortable — but fierce competition may prove him wrong
Feb 21
Companies are building platforms to stay relevant in the digital age. But can they succeed?
Jan 21
What the industry can expect in the year ahead
Dec 27
Thinking as long term as Compass's global investors is useful — but only up to a point
Oct 1